Unreal Engine artist needed for practicing purpose

Hi :rolleyes:
Learning Unreal Engine is easy, but the importance than learning is Practicing what we learnt before, so I started do that, I’m trying now make my first application with Unreal Engine, I’m trying covert ArchViz VRay Scene to Unreal Engine Scene to make it Interactive over Mobiles and iPad with programming this scene by Blueprint and C++, but I need an artist helping me in graphics side only.
(This project will be for practicing purpose only and non-commercial use)
Here is a screenshot:


Thanks …

I’ve gone ahead and moved this to the “Job Offerings” section. As, you are requesting someone to work alongside you on this. I’ve also added the unpaid prefix to the title. If you feel this is wrong, and doesn’t belong here, please drop me a message. Best of luck with this! =)