Unreal Engine Arduino Vehicle

Hi forum, i have some free time, so i continue with my old reseach, i try to create a remote control vehicle with arduino, and because i like to much unreal, also create a cute interface and im very sorprise because the quality of the shaders is impresive, they are fast and cute, maybe 1 hrs in the look and feel.

sometime ago i was starting this project and finally today i get some very good result, i use a arduino yun with a simple tcp server to handle incoming connections, now my unreal tcp client jumps in and sends axis data to the arduino server, the viper model was download for free and i create the uv maps and the ao textures, together with UE looks very good, now i need put all this stuff inside my joy car (“yes a viper!”).

this is the video:

Greetings!, hope you like!

Wow, that’s a cool way to use Unreal. Can’t wait for the finished version

thanks stephanBon, yes unreal is the must cool thing ever, for all kind of projects

well this is a early final state, watch this out!