Unreal Engine Android project as a library?

Hi everyone,

I’m in the research phase of my project so I’m gathering information and capabilities.

I think most people know that you can create Android projects as an actual deployable application, or a standalone library that can be bundled into another Android app. So I won’t get into details on that.

What I’m wondering is if it’s possible to create an Unreal Engine project for Android that exists only as an “Android Library Project” rather than a full app. I want to create a library that uses some of the drawing features of UE4, with a common API that can be shared across both iOS and Android.

Can anyone 1) tell me if this is even possible the way I describe it and 2) provide a high-level overview of what would be involved?

I’m no stranger to mobile development but I have never used UE4 before.

Thanks in advance!

Go to [PROJECT_FOLDER]/Intermediate/Android/APK. There you can find generated Android project and you can do with this everything you want but remember that this folder is overwritten on each game packaging.