Unreal Engine and DirectX Ray-tracing announced

The marriage of real-time rasterization and ray-tracing is happening:

Should get even more interesting from here on out.

Looking forward for this, I’ll have some pop-corns to see such incredible show :slight_smile:

Don’t miss it. Then start imagining what you’d do with that capability.

UE4 is now basically real life LOL :smiley: :):p:cool::eek:

@kenpimentel: Will this be available in the regular UE4 as well as Unreal Studio?

That might just be the coolest thing to happen all year! But what’s the performance like?

We haven’t announced when it will be available. There’s a lot of complexity around something like this. Performance depends on your GPU, the demo is running on Volta hw. GDC 2018: NVIDIA Announces 'RTX', Real-Time Ray Tracing Engine for Volta GPUs

I bet these NVidia RTX cards will cost a fortune as usual… So, me not really excited. I’ll check this out again after 2030 when these cards become accessible.

Lol. More like 2080 and after selling BOTH kidneys .

DirectX raytracing, GPU lightmaps? These cards will have atleast 12gb of vram. Also using unreal as an offline renderer could benedfit from this.

Here’s the video of the GDC demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3ue35ago3Y

I can’t say I’m not stoked at this new tech because as the mentioned at GDC it’s quite the last step needed for actual realistic lighting in realtime. But I know that demo was run on a rig with 4x TITAN V’s which translates to roughly $12K in GPU power.
I’d say we’ll get to enjoy it as pro/consumers with next nextgen gpu lineup. It has been said that the tech runs on Volta gpu’s but it wasn’t really clear that it will be limited to that chip or available for older DX12 cards too. Let’s hope nVidia doesn’t dissapoint us in their upcoming GPU lineup below that hefty Titan V.

Here’s the thing for Archviz though–this solution is so fast that if you want to render out a video even if it takes 100x more time than the more expensive GPU it’ll still be super super fast compared to rendering in something like Vray, you still get frames in seconds or less rather than minutes/hours.
So sure, you’d need an expensive GPU(s) for real-time rendering, but for making videos it can work on much less.

@kenpimentel Its still a bit confusing to me so i gotta ask, will this tech run on normal GPU’s? during GDC Tony says we can expect to see this tech being used in games this year, It would be crazy if these games will require consumers to purchase $12,000 graphics cards.

Four Titan Vs may be $12k, but the workstation equivalent is the Tesla V100.
I think the demo was using a DGX Station, a workstation with 4 Tesla V100s, that costs $50k?

The machine used to render that costs $69.000 usd, used to cost $150K.

Meanwhile most gamers didn’t even upgrade from GeForce 7xx or 9xx yet.

Any comments from EPIC about AMD cross platform raytracing,anyone knows?

Lets also remember that not only the machine used to render that demo is an expensive beast (like you guys have already noticed) but also the raytracing is only being used for dynamic AO and reflections. There is no dynamic GI there, so… Yeah, definitely not a deal breaker for interactive archviz in the next couple of years…

I can’t wait for 4.20

Yes, 3d animation studios also gonna love this thing.
They will be able to save a ton of money today spent on renderfarms.