Unreal engine 5

Would unreal engine 5 be free.

Unreal engine 5 is years away.

Not sure … but Unreal Engine 4 is FREE.

Nobody knows if it will be free and if there will be a Unreal Engine 5 :wink:

Next version after 4.9 is 4.10. 4.11, 4.12 and etc.
Can’t find exact quote now, but it has been announced by Epic devs

When there is no more use for UE3, EPIC should rename the current one to just Unreal Engine. Using version number is so old school and doesn’t make any sense anyway.

NO! No more renaming things like the original. It’s hard to find old things on the internet that way.

That would be ridiculous if they were to have UE5 after 4.9, Unreal Engine 1 was created around 1999, and in 16 years we are only on UE4, I’d give it till 2017-2018 till UE5.

I’d add a few years to that. The current engine is still blooming.

You won’t see UE5 before 2020.

Yep, 2020-2025 are your best best for seeing UE5.

An article on the Verge interviewing Sweeney

Thank god, as I probably wont have a game done until lol

My vision is:
Past generation consoles: Unreal Engine 3
Current generation of consoles: Unreal Engine 4
Next generation of consoles: Unreal Engine 5

Heh, when I read this I thought while years away, 2020 was a bit to far… but I realized it is almost 2020 already… I hate getting old. :stuck_out_tongue:

Crazy isn’t it. Yet we have no private aircars, no spacecolonies and capitalism burns war all over the place.

Software companies have already stopped using numbers.

It will be called Unreal Engine, mark my words. (unless EPIC == Microsoft).

You still have to count version numbers. If we’re going by semantic versioning, UE 5 will be a “major” version that contains backwards incompatible changes to the engine source. Though I suppose it’s not that clear cut :smiley:

Just here to say that this thread didn’t age/ aged well :slight_smile: