Unreal Engine 5?

With 4.8 about to be released, it seems like Unreal Engine 5 can’t be far off, right?
Will Unreal Engine 4 projects be compatible with Unreal Engine 5 if you are planning on releasing the next engine soon?

Unreal engine 5 can’t be coming anytime soon. Just because they are at 4.8 does not mean that after 4.9 there will be 5.0, instead they will go to 4.10, 4.11, 4.12 and so on. It would be unfair on everyone (epic themselves included if they were to release a new engine so soon - I doubt there will be any talk of a 5th engine within the next 2 years or so.

According to this forum post Epic Games has adopted semantic versioning FWIW. So given this, you can probably be sure that a major release like a 5.0.0 will include some retired features, so expect to have to do something to your project when that finally comes.

Regardless of this, the numbering system for most software versioning isn’t conventional decimal notation. It doesn’t end at 9 after the period, it can continue to 10, 11 or greater - so you can’t presume that there will be a 5.0 soon by looking at the existing numbering.

To the guys voting me down because I asked this question: what is your problem?
It was a harmless enough question that I was curious to have answered, and I certainly wasn’t the only one thinking this due to the numbering system for the engine. I was asking on multiple people’s behalf.
It’s not like I posted anything inappropriate. Now I’m on some sort of watch list so every time I try and ask a question regarding the engine, a moderator has to approve my question before its posted. Thanks for that!

You’re probably getting downvoted for the reason that yebduar says. Version numbers aren’t decimals, they are distinct numbers separated by periods. There could be 1000 versions before 5.0 and it would just count up to 4.1000.

[Major Update].[Feature Update].[Minor Update].[Patch Update]

If for example it is “4.8.5” when they update it “4.9” there will no longer be a “.5”

It’s sort of like a rollback system most companies use.