Unreal Engine 5

New tech demo of Unreal Engine 5 was looking highly impressive. Anyway does it mean that Epic Games will be making new forum dedicated to Unreal Engine 5? Was it always like that? I mean can you tell me history of all Unreal Engine forums because I’m just curious,please?

Well I wont be happy until it runs on my Intel HD 3000 graphics card. :slight_smile:

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Most likely it would just be some changes to some forum sections since I would imagine many things will be the same.

Yup they talked about a tool to scale games created at highest fidelity on PS5 in UE5 down to all other platforms including mobile.

Any news on UE5.1.0 in what date will it be out?

Its UDN or nothing dude! The forums don’t even get mentioned anymore. Just listed once - 4th option down under ‘Getting Started’ in Support - Unreal Engine. Answerhub gets a more prominent billing on the page and its practically deserted… Basically, for those with lucky access, UDN is where its at (been this way since Alex Paschall left in 2017):

On release of UE5 you can expect a bump in interest on here for a while. But it will probably be mostly Indies talking to other Indies, and most of the better chats may actually be on Unreal Slackers / Discord instead. From 2014-2016 things were Epic…But Epic essentially gave up on the forums in 2017… However, if they took the lead back and re-prioritized the forums again, things would improve and devs would return… :wink:

Sometime late 2021 from what they have said. Preview early 2021.

I believe that Unreal 5 is more of a marketing movement, when it arrives it is no different from a 4.xx version, it will be able to pass your projects as usual but with those two new systems: rendering and lighting.
I don’t think a forum is needed for 4 and another for 5.
I may be completely wrong of course, hahaha.

I heard Fortnite Battle Royale(at least original polish forum(isn’t moved to Reddit for unknown reasons probably because it’s owned by Tencent) because People Can Fly/Epic Games of Poland is resposible for this 3 years old game speaking of final version)will be the first Unreal Engine 5 game.

Supposedly new news coming out tomorrow,
(5) Unreal Engine on Twitter: “You’re invited—join us for a look at the game development tools of Unreal Engine 5 on Wednesday, May 26 at 10 AM EDT. Watch here:” / Twitter
It would be really awesome if they reveal any information for allowing large scale worlds, as personally I really hope they would finally add double precision, but will gladly take anything that will increase the current size large scale worlds for multiplayer.

I’m pretty sure double precision has been mentioned as a feature of UE5

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Yeah, if it is, I would think I am dreaming :smile: , I did hear of this before, but I am unsure if this is confirmed or not.

Same Here lol, Except Map And All Meshes Except For Foliage Is Invisible In SM 5 Preview, And Cannot Build For Android, Gives SDK Out Of Date Error, Weird, Might Have To Downgrade