Unreal Engine 5 so disapointed

So you must be thinking why do i ask in a forum if i already know someting. Yes i have discovered Bridge in my Arch Linux repositorys and configured it, now i have metahumans and scans, but no marketplace. Second i have recently discovered Epic Games Store in Lutris, but my fault, didnt knew what to do with it, shame on me, i will look ahead. So in short YES, i can use unreal engine 5 on Linux, no more complains from my part from now on. Thank you for everything and have a nice day

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Yes im guilty my friend, right now im having a good time with Lutris, trying to figure out how to install visual studio on Lutris so my copy of Unreal Engine 5 can work correctly

So i think you have done enought for me, i am not asking you to fix my life, enought have you done, its a shame i cant develop Unreal Engine, i would love to be part of the team, but just thinking loud here, no worries. I hope this thread would help someone else. I always have problems when i try to make a c++ project no mater which version of Unreal Engine i choose

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