Unreal Engine 5 question

So…I teach game design using Unreal Engine 4full-time to high school kids

I want to be as in the know about what’s upcoming regarding Unreal Engine 5. The tools, the layout, etc. I want to plan ahead of time for what’s coming down the road. For example, will Widget Blueprints and that whole editor currently in UE4 used to make menu and HUDs…will that remain LARGELY the same from UE4? Or are we looking at something completely different?

I basically want to know what lessons I’m going to need to scrap and what knowledge I can carry forward.

Any insight here from Epic Games folk would be greatly appreciated!!!

It’s unlikely you’ll get an answer here, especially about something they’re keeping really close to their chest. I feel you’d be better off subscribing to one of the many threads popping up in the forums.

Heck, at this point we do not even know whether blueprints are staying. Maybe we’ll be scripting it all in python once the tech demo dust settles…

On the other hand, this cannot hurt so I’ll just hang here hoping to have the same question answered.

edit: since UE4 project are somewhat forward compatible with UE5, I’d like to assume that my UMG knowledge remains applicable.