Unreal engine 5 project crashes 100% of the time during initialization after switching project settings to forward rendering

After switching my project to forward rendering as a test case, i am no longer able to open my project. Ive tried going back into the project settings config txt file and switching “forward rendering” to false and it still crashes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Breadcrumbs_RHIThread_0.txt (90 Bytes)
CrashContext.runtime-xml (141.2 KB)
CrashReportClient.ini (112 Bytes)
UEMinidump.dmp (874.2 KB)
watrch.log (102.8 KB)

as a workaround ive copied the contents of the project content folder into a new project, ive still lost some of my settings but at least i didnt lose everything