Unreal Engine 5 preview date

Hello everyone!
When is the ue5 preview to be released to the public? Were working on a kickstarter project and really cant wait to migrate to UE5 whenever that is.

Many thanks

They haven’t said, wait for an announcement


You’ve answered your own question. :stuck_out_tongue: In terms of setting expectations, 4.19-4.26 releases were pretty shaky - more like early 4.0’s (versus 4.10-4.18 which were more stable). So it seems likely UE5 will be like going back to early 4.0’s (during the first year or two anyway). But what have Epic actually said? Not a lot, except that unofficially they’re swamped. So maybe don’t over-promise anything on Kickstarter just yet… :wink:

In they’re UE5 presenation epic said early 2021. The first quarter of a year is usually considered to be “eraly in the year”, that being said we have april and there is no UE5 release… :frowning:

my point exactly, were now into the 4th month of 2021 which is approaching the end of the first quarter. Im not running the camogain until were officialy into the u5 preview :smiley: just cant wait for it!! like a kid at christmas.

^ This ^ was all before a once in a century global pandemic.
So is it fair or reasonable to hold them to that??? Not really.
Scaling up / adding workers is probably also slowing things!
It’d help explain why newer features of UE4 are still unstable:…42#post1876242…82#post1870082…76#post1870176

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The UE5 video got dropped in june 2020, so the pandemic was already a thing. However what we don’t know is, if the clip was recorded before the first wave.

The thing is though, how is remote-working working out at tight firms like Epic though? Is it slowing or hampering progress because that’s key. There’s a growing consensus that team-based projects need face to face IRL interaction. But overall, I suspect some of the other distractions, such as all the acquisitions Epic are making, will actually slow progress in the near to medium term.:wink:

At that point, no one (aside from a few people) knew or expected what was going to happen later that year.

I would not expect UE5 to come before 4.27 at least, if there is no 4.28 it probably will come whenever 4.28 would have come. (remember, 4.27 wasnt on epics roadmap either, it was 4.26 and “4.26+”.)

That said, a heads up from Epic on this would be nice. Its not like anyone will be angry, but its currently quite troublesome to plan anything.

Good point, coding / software enginerering should be not to much of a problem from home. Even if home office would effect the work on unreal engine in a negative way, i don’t believe it would be like, now we need shift the relase by 6 months or something lime that.

Up for a friendly poker bet??? Could be wrong, and if so someone will surely apply egg to face.:stuck_out_tongue:
But I’m going to go all-in and say this year will be mostly something of a total write-off… Why?
UE4 Engine releases haven’t been stable in the last 2 years and that will take some time to fix.:wink:

Will 4.27 be that magical bullet??? No! There’s too many things to fix, and too many new hires! :eek:
Remote work works fine in isolation or on small projects, but not so much on large code bases.
All the acquisitions Epic stakeholders are making right now will also end up being a distraction!:wink:

Tomorrow! (Wednesday April 6) or this week

Excuse me, but where did you get this date?

It will come in 2077

2 weeks

1 week later…

Unless you are literally considering taking a job at EPIC (which I hear can be fun, challenging, and rewarding!) then it doesn’t matter what you want or how much you ask… it will be done when it’s done. Projects being announced a year out, and then being delayed, is quite normal for software – I’d be more surprised if they were on time. That never happens!

Use 4.26. Try to track down and report or fix as many of those bugs you can. Chances are, bugs fixed in 4.26 will end up also making 5.0 better, as it’s based on the same code code.


You guys do realise there is a 4.27 coming? So I doubt UE5 will land at the same time or even close to that. Anyway, what do you even need UE5 for anyway… is UE4.26 not enough for you right now?

I’d say it’s too much for 1 person to handle. They keep adding tools I can’t keep up with :expressionless: but that might be me.

Besides, if you expect UE5 to behave better than UE4 on release, I’d curb my enthusiasm.


For me, the real difference I’m waiting for in 5.0 is Verse, as an alternative to represent game logic in blueprints or C++. SkookupScript got abandoned few version ago because of it, Lua integration is very painful/manual. Obviously, one can write a very good game in C++ or blueprints (or even assembly), but Verse might improve quality of life considerably for non-C++ people who still like to code.

Of course, it might turn out to be very limited in capabilities or not available for another year while they polish it behind the scenes - we will see.