Unreal Engine 5 - Nodes are a complete DISASTER! PLEASE implement another system!

I have literally thrown away 2 weeks of time, trying to decipher Unreal’s Nodes Editor… DISASTER. I’m no newbie to 3d or nodes, to the contrary, I’ve been doing this for 20 years. But the simple fact that your programmers have implemented Nodes as the ONLY option for editing materials is unforgivable. I have been simply trying to implement a dynamic texture to my landscape, so that depending on terrain altitude, the texture map changes accordingly. I went as far as to download a sample file from an unreal youtube channel. The resulting NODES editor is simply… dispicable. You will end up losing a huge amount of potential clients unless you implement a completely different system for the user, such as stackable pulldowns, in layers, NOT this NODES rubbish. A complete and total DISASTER. I don’t want to go back to Unity, but at this rate this is simply ridiculous. Such a material feature should even be available as a drag and drop. It is unforgivable when something in your workflow which should be relatively easy, instead turns out to be the Achilles tendon of the entire process. Absolutely awful. I’m so irritated by this, I was excited to work with the new UA5 release, but this traumatic waste of time has really had a negative impact on me.

You could try the Custom Node, and just write some HLSL.

I agree, though- graph-only shaders are a bit unfortunate- I personally prefer to hand-write them, and UE makes that clunky at best right now. I’d like to see a direct-from-code workflow for shaders compatible with anything SPIRV-cross can handle.

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