Unreal Engine 5 LMB Not Working After Creating Widget.

Hello all. Ive encountered an issue where LMB is not working. Ive looked online but havent found one that matches what I am encountering.

I am on Unreal Engine 5.1 but also tested on 5.0 and using only Blueprints.
When I press the ‘M’ key it calls Create Widget for a menu. It hooks up the “Class” to the widget I want to create and the “Owning Player” is hooked up to the Player Controller, though I have tested it unhooked too. When I press ‘M’ again is calls Remove from Parent for the widget. After that LMB stops working. It doesnt call any “Set Input Mode…” function nodes or anything else, just that. Ive also called “Add to Viewport” node for the widget but issue still persist. Mouse clicks not responding or anything. Camera still rotates to wherever the mouse is moving to but no clicks. No pressed or release events.

Other things I have tried is calling “Set Viewport Mouse Capture Mode” to Capture Permanently Including Initial Mouse Down, I called Set Input Mode To Game and UI after creating the widget and “Set Input Mode to Game” but nothing.

Any thoughts?