Unreal Engine 5 is broken!?!

I am currently using the unreal engine 5 beta and it showed some strange behaviour.

Basically I have a player blueprint and in it is a script that when pressing E while looking at a pickable actor it teleports to an empty actor in the player bp but the problem is that everything is working perfectly but when I close the engine and open it again I can pick up but not let go of the object! when it was working before. and what I do to fix it is simply go to the pickable actor which is empty btw nothing is in it except a tag and tow objects one with a collider and one without a collider and is a child of the first object, anyways what I do is simply hit compile and that’s it! everything is working again… there’s nothing wrong with any of the actors or any bp. after that it works any time I test it except if I run it on standalone mode, it doesn’t work.

is it me or is it a some sort of glitch???