Unreal Engine 5 Installation Issue

I’ve seen one or two posts regarding this but figured I would post and ask myself - I work for a Native American reservation and we are planning on using Unreal Engine 4/5 for helping produce video content in our studio. I just recently tried to download Unreal Engine 5EA on my work computer and my IT department called and was asking about a Trojan threat that was detected, specifically the idevicedebug.exe file. When the IT employee connects to my computer and deleted the file, the installation is said to be corrupted and I’m unable to use UE5.

I’ve read that this is a false positive but there’s no way to provide this information to my IT department. Is there any way of installing UE5 without these files or am I going to have to wait for Epic to do something about the issue?

Even Windows Defender detects the “idevicedebug.exe” file as a “Trojan threat”, blocking UE5_EA from even installing. Generally I’m not too comfortable about disabling Windows Defender in order to install software that should do no harm. Will this be amended somehow?

Getting the same message from windows defender…
Installing through Epic Games Launcher so should be a false trojan detection right?

But better save than sorry. ill wait till someone aswers :stuck_out_tongue: