Unreal Engine 5 / EPIC Games Predictions

I foresee these things happening before too long.

  1. A nanite based procedural forest tool.
  2. Lifelike procedural animation of humanoid characters with definable parameters and interactions with the environment.
  3. The Unreal Engine Cloud Suite. A pre-installed cloud PC with UE5, Quixel, Blender, GIMP, Houdini and some other free standard tools at a subscription price to pay for the costs of the machines.
  4. Speech synthesiser like replica inside the editor.
  5. A new publishing platform aimed at disrupting the industry.
  6. Animal flock behaviour simplified.
  7. A free cloud based streaming solution for other people to test your games for both single player and multiplayer.
  8. Fortnite comes to real life in some way.