Unreal Engine 5 crashing / screen turns black

I am experiencing an issue with unreal engine 5.0.3 in the last 2 weeks where any time I open any project, a few minutes later UE5 seems to freeze my computer and the screen turns black. I initially had an issue where my editor started flickering so I solved that by disabling nvidia mfaa anti aliasing, but now the issue is UE5 completely freezing my computer and all I can so is hard restart the PC. My graphics card (Quadeo RTX 5000) has the latest driver update and I have also tried disabling TDR, still no luck. Has any else experienced soemthing similar/discovered a solution?

Hi. I’m wondering if i might have the same problem here. I received a message saying something like - my version of RTX 5000 won’t work properly with DX12 unless i update to the latest? But it seems that card update isn’t available on the NVidia site. Did you find a solution?

I did not unfortunately, I ended up switching to a diferent laptop, so not exactly a solution to the issue.