Unreal Engine 5 Crashes when loading StackOBot and when the mouse cursor hovers over the Viewport.

I have been struggling all night with Stack0Bot and trying to get it to run without crashing. I have installed Stack0Bot and created a project with nothing else besides that asset. Anytime Unreal Engine 5 loads the game it crashes almost immediately, and only when I move my cursor over the viewport, not when my cursor is up at the top on a menu bar. I have tried clearing my DXcache and GLcache on both my Nvidia Graphics card and SSD drives. I have also tried uninstalling Unreal Engine and reinstalling it, as well as reinstalling my graphics driver. I also went on to delete and recreate a Stack0Bot project (about 7 times now), and to no avail. I also tried adjusting the shader cache on my Nvidia Graphics card in increments from 10gb, 100gb, to Unlimited. None of those attempts did anything to help the issue though. I just wanted to lay out everything I have done, so no one is shooting in the dark, haha. Unreal keeps giving me this error code:
Fatal error: [File:D:\build++UE5\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\RHI\Private\PipelineStateCache.cpp] [Line: 144] Shader compilation failures are Fatal.

Any help will be much appreciated! I have been trying all week to get this problem flushed out and to no avail. I have projects coming up and need this to not be so complicated.