Unreal Engine 5 crashes on Start up

You are amzing !!! Thank you soo much!!!

Hi ! It’s not working for me. UE is launching only whithout Bridge in the Plug-in.
Any idea what else I could do ?

Edit : Ok, I found a way → I actually needed to reinstall Bridge via the vault on Epic.
Thx anyway for pointing out the fact that it was Bridge’s fault.

This helped me as well, thanks!

Assertion failed: DLLHandle != nullptr [File:D:\build++UE5\Sync\Engine\Plugins\Experimental\PythonScriptPlugin\Source\PythonScriptPluginPreload\Private\PythonScriptPluginPreload.cpp] [Line: 68]
please help
intel core i7 3770

Its working , Thanks dude

None of the processes mentioned here is not working for me!!!
Can anybody please help me out…

Hi, where can I find the plugin folder in UE5? I couldn’t find any folders starting with the word “plugin”.

Same issue, but mine never worked from the moment I downloaded UE5. I verified the UE5 files and, no luck, still crashes. This is a shame, I never used UE and wanted to get into game development with the recent release. If anyone has an idea of how to fix, let me know.

I had a similar problem: couldn’t even load a new project with UE5. I realized that when I open a project first with UE 4.27 I can open it with UE5 and upgrade it.

I was in need to update Bridge and Engine version in Epic Vault (after doing your steps), so that the problem was solved

Hi iam new to UE have a not same solution but its same error and iam geting stressed when it crashes i tried all of fixes are in this post an 0 worked. Can any body help me?
-Mateja Sundic


Hi everyone, for me what worked is to change from DirectX 12 to DirectX 11 in the Project Setting section.

Hi guys,
I had the same issues but not in UE 5 BUT I wont be here if something worked for me! :smiley:
I tested a bit by dropping one Folder by another out of the Project.
The corrupt Folder at the end was “Intermediate” you can find it in “Unreal Projects - Your Project - Intermediate”.
Drop it on the desktop or save it else were.

I hope it works for you guys.

See ya

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Thank you!

thanks you saved me too. For me it occured when project was loading and pc shuts down. Your fix worked thanks