Unreal Engine 5 collision

Thank you for everyone who can help me. I hope I can explain my problem.

The scenario: I constructed a 3D Robot for a 2D Sidescroller. Its wheels are controlled with torque forces activated with switches inside the Robots body. The Player is a Paper2D Charakter who can jump and run inside the robot and controll it with the said switches.

My problem: When the robot is moving an my 2D Charakter is jumping against the opposite wall of the moving direction the robot slowes down.

How do I fix this?

Things I tried to fix it:
• Increased the mass of the Robot to 2000 kg and decreased the mass of the 2DCharakter to -0- kg.
This made it harder to push the robot. That is better, but not quit what I wanted.

• disabled physics interaction in the 2D Charakter movement componente.
This tooked my Charater the ability to push the Robot at all, but it still can stop the robot from moving by simply running against the opposite wall.

I hope anyone has an idea to solve this problem.