Unreal Engine 5.3 crashing, how to save project?

Hi there, I have a basic project I’ve created inside Unreal Engine 5.3.

There seems to be a bug (have reported it) that whenever I try to open the 1st person character walk movement blueprint, the editor crashes.

This happens inside my project and also in any clean 1st person projects I create in 5.3. Have tried importing 1st person char into my 5.3 project, with the same result as the template.

My question is, is there any way to complete this project? I want to add anim notifies so I can add footsteps on different surfaces, and this bug is stopping me from doing that. All the other 1st person movements and animations work fine.

Should I try to migrate the assets to a 5.2 project, or is there another way around this? It seems I can’t migrate the full project to a lower engine version, so am a little stuck.

Any thoughts appreciated.

Greetings @JasonDiesALot

Welcome to the Unreal Engine Community Forums! You hit the nail on the head in the last line. I would recommend trying to migrate it to a different version and see if the issue continues. If it does, follow back up with me here and we’ll look into this further.

Thank you, will give it a go.

Good deal! If it isn’t resolved I’ll monitor the thread. Fingers crossed!