Unreal Engine 5.1 package problem with Android ETC2 Textures

Hi everyone , after the launch of 5.1 I tried to upgrade my 5.0.3, I reinstalled Android Studio 4.2.2 and I set all the links to Unreal Engine in the same way as 4.27 and 5.0.
But I have a problem with the packaging, or to be more specific with the cooking of my shaders.
With ASTC and DXT the cook goes well, but with ETC2 format it cause a lot of errors and crash with some Visual C++ Library , as you can see in the image (Sorry for the bad photo, the pc was frozen, I had to take it with my phone before the crash)

I updated my Visual Studio, my android SDKs , but nothing worked, anyone has a solution?

Edit : I tried to change to Android Studio 4.0 , still have the same problem but only with ESTC2, maybe now I have a little less errors but it’s still there…