Unreal Engine 5.0 Theory

I decided to make a cool thread where we all try to guess what we think they have planned as a feature(s) as a release.

(Some of the community corrected me on some of the ways Epic does version numbers so this will not be anytime soon, but regardless still fun to ponder over)

I will start by guessing we get MMO default support and an MMO demo.

What can also complement that feature would be built in dedicated server support much like Hero Engine, in that we pay a small subscription for say a team license that includes a svn/ asset library that is connected to our project World server. Also included and is wishful thinking is Hero Engine like team collaboration project creation and login set ups. that would be real Epic!

Why did I choose this as my theory?

Well for one I am hopeful in the sense my team is in fact working on an MMO and this would be useful to myself and fellow team members. It also would be very heart warming to see UE really taking that next step in evolving the way its games have been driven from just FPS over the years.

I also noticed on Wikipedia UE4 has many MMO’s due to be in development or released this year and next, quite a number of them in fact. Many bye AAA class studios. This leads me to believe something along the lines of MMO setup is brewing back at Epic Games HQ. Maybe I am just looking into it too much but hey lets dream right?

Anyways that is my theory on the matter and here is the Wikipedia link if your interested in taking a gander at some of the future games due to be out on UE4 software.

List of Unreal Engine games - Wikipedia (Scroll down to correct engine)

After 4.9 the engine version is going to be 4.10. UE5 won’t be out for a few YEARS at least.

State your source?

Because if you are going under the assumption that the next version will be 5.0 because we are currently on 4.8.3 and 4.9 preview than you are unfortunately ill informed and making a huge mistake.

As stated in many previous posts, Epic uses Semantic Versioning ( and the next version after 4.9 will be 4.10 and NOT 5.0.

And this is the official word: This doesn't add up (versioning terminology) - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums

But either way my point still stands regardless when it comes out it will in fact come out at some point so its still fun to think what they will add.

Hehe, I like this kind of threads. :smiley: As qdelpeche already said, after 4.9 its going to be 4.10.

Epic is using something like this:

Major - Minor - Maintenance - Build

And I don’t think that they are going to release a whole new engine (Major Release).



yeah i just read that, regardless though the theory idea still stands. I will edit my OP a bit though with the new information. Also I do not think 5.0 will be a new engine anyways just a major release update.

thanks though for the information guys, i edited post accordingly.

But every major release was a new engine in the history of Epic. I don’t think they are going to change it.

Maybe they are going to release 5.0 somewhen, but definitly not in the near future. They still have a huge backlog of things they want to implement, so changing the core wouldn’t be helpful.

We need team collabing for sure though, imagine finally have studio like development but remotely? Boy that would help Indies get some stuff done as a true team.

I highly doubt that they will add MMO support, anyone that is capable of creating a full MMO is certainly capable of creating their own back-end. IMO all that MMO support would really do is raise hopes I’m afraid.

I doubt that they will call their next big release as UE5, more like Unreal Engine and a version for the devs.
Just like Android or iOS.

How so? It doesn’t require $50 million budgets to create an MMO these days, many Indies are pushing MMO’s far for little to no budget and with the current rise in MMO demand and a strong market for them specially if you can get one on mobile, then you have to think that is in future plans.

I see many indies taking on large projects like this, some of them succeed, more of them give up/fail (largely due to half of them not realizing how big of a project an MMO really is). You can’t expect an indie team to create a full MMO game with everything included if they can’t write their own custom back-end, similarly, I think that blueprints are at a good place right now, I don’t think we really need many more nodes, because anything more advanced than we can currently do would probably be better being written by the user so as to achieve exactly what they want, and I am not a huge fan of having a bunch of neat features coded in for us that wouldn’t be close to standard for computer programming.

They could do something similar to Hero Engine but done better and in better written language of course. I would gladly even pay a $20/month subscription for a team server, svn, and collab editing.