Unreal Engine 5.0.3 - Control Rig Setup event executing many times


In the unreal engine documentation v5.0 it states that the Setup Event is executed once.

For the Setup Event execution, when i set the transform for a control/bone and i add a value to the Translation of the rig element, for example i add 50 on the z axis, the rig element just flies straight upwards, like it is executed many times, not just once.
The behavior is the same even if i create a fresh new control rig with a single control.

If i try the same test in Unreal Engine 5.1, for the “Construction Event” node, the control is just set once, which means the node is executed just once.

Should’t the nodes have the same behavior?
Am i understanding the node wrong?
Is this behavior from UE 5.0 a bug, or do i have to configure something to behave in the same manner as Construction Event node?

Thank you :slight_smile: