Unreal Engine 4 without Epic Games Launcher Installer(via GitHub)

I have some error I heard I can install Unreal Engine 4 without Epic Games Launcher.

Most common mistake!
To install engine without launcher by compiling the source, you should follow procedures as noted here

Its a private repository so you get that error.

I tried this method,but it’s not working.

It is a wrong link in the epic documentation. Correct one is this Downloading Unreal Engine Source Code | Unreal Engine Documentation

Is this gonna work even now in circa Anno Domini of year of 2021?

yes, you do not need to use the launcher to get the engine.

But what about error 404?

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  1. Sign up for an EPIC account and a GitHub account, if you haven’t.
  2. Make sure the EPIC account is linked to your GitHub account, and that you’re properly logged into both accounts. How do I link my Unreal Engine account with my Github account? - Epic Accounts Support
  3. Make sure your github account has an appropriate public key attached, and that your local development system has the matching private key loaded in its keyring/pageant app
  4. git clone git@github.com:EpicGames/UE4
  5. Follow instructions in the checkout

Oh okay.

Since estimate.

please send me direct link to unreal engine without epic launcher
the github dowsnt let me connect


It’s still not working. But maybe am I or I mean was I doing something wrong? Could it be at least just only Github account?

“It does not work” is not a good error report. It doesn’t give any information for anyone to help you.

There exists a description in the Unreal help text for how to link your account to GitHub.
Please, follow that list, step by step, and when it gets to the “it doesn’t work” part, explain which step you’re trying to do, what you see, and what you expect to see. Nobody can help you without that information.

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please i’ve not been able to open epicgamelauncher since morning. i always get stuck at the loading page, where it says “please wait while we start your update”. Please there anything i’m not doing correctly. i really need help please. also, the error message takes me to this page. " Search results - - Epic Games Support "

i need help downloading the older version as my mac 11.7.3 is the highest OS i can upgrade to and i already made a epic account i downloaded the launcher and all i keep getting offered is the 5.1.1 version which my mac wont install but will download :frowning: i checked the github and i dont see nothing about the UE4 any where a link would be helpful