Unreal Engine 4 Virtual Assistant [AI]

As big companies like Google,Facebook,Microsoft,Apple are researching on their own AI.I thought of why not UE4 also use a virtual assistant that answer any question ,its basically an AI that comprehends query and than search through the documentations,wikis,answerhub,youtube videos etc comprehends both the input and the data and then answers the user in real time.
this virtual assistant can also be pre-trained which comprehends everything that is on the web related to Unreal Engine 4/game development.
it will take alot of cloud computing and storage.
I am thinking of building one if anyone is interested in this topic ?

I am! Count me in!

I’m super interested. This will be amazing if you will do that!!

Sounds awesome!

you probably want to see this: Deep Learning | NVIDIA Developer
and this:
Please do not make that stamp collector AI, i do not want to end as a stamp.

Bit more serious: I think unreal has not much to do here with project, it can be nice final touch (if you create virtual person), but first is mountain of code to create actual AI )or expert system).
Anyway I am curious what you folks can pull off.