Unreal Engine 4 Tutorials, One on One Sessions and anything else to help learn

Hi everyone!

So I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction, over the past week I’ve been watching loads of tutorials here and there on youtube looking on the forumns here etc. I was wondering if anyone knew of anyone who provides one on one tutoring obviously I would pay, sometimes I just feel like I need a little guidance. I’m currently subscribed to Digital Tutors and have watched there tutorials for unreal engine. If anyone know of such a service/person please do share or another tutorial site like digital tutors. thanks so much!

Everyone on these forums is awesome thanks for your help so far! :smiley:

Tesla offers on on one tutoring: - YouTube :slight_smile:

Thanks!, I’ve watched a few of he’s videos before. Must of missed that one! I’ve sent him an email etc etc

Also do you know of any subscription based websites like digital tutors?

I unfortunately just know digital tutors, because it’s one of the best ones + I mainly watch youtube tutorials, because they are free and pretty good :slight_smile:

Beside that you could take a look at websites like the one from Hourences: – Tutorials