Unreal Engine 4 - Team Project Help

Hey guys,

Me and my friends were thinking of working as a team of 4 to start building a video game using Unreal Engine 4. However, we may have run into a small roadblock on the way. We are not quite sure how to use Unreal Engine as a team. One of us is meant to draw the images, the other makes it look computer graphics-wise (not drawn in lead) as well as compile it all into the Engine, and I’m meant to start the coding process with C++. (The other member has no role in this)

We are not quite sure how we can share these tasks with each other. We will use source control such as GitHub or Perforce (Still deciding), but we’re confused how will this actually work. Once we finish the drawing, then put into Unreal, what’s next? Is there some sort of sharing system? How do I receive the files that I need to implement my code into?


Any help with this situation please?
Would be highly appreciated.

I use this method…

Unreal Engine 4 - (Tutorial) How I Use Google Drive And Unreal 4 Engine
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Why to not use Git or Perforce?

Yeah we will. But that’s wasn’t really my question. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn’t sure how to split up the work we have with Unreal Engine. I’m not quite sure how it works, so I was asking for help.

May be some (Agile or Kanban) boards in Jira+local Bitbucket server+FishEye? It will allow you to split work on steps and control each step and links of them with git commits…

Oh, what will those applications do?


JIRA will allow you to split up big task to smaller sub-tasks, to control each step with nice reports - look videos and descriptions on the page Jira | Issue & Project Tracking Software | Atlassian . There are a lot of plugins for JIRA - for example, with timesheet plugin you will be able to plan timeline of the project.

As I know, Epic Games have their own private JIRA instance and - is a just custom wrapper on the JIRA database.

With the Bitbucket server you will be able to set-up your own git repositories on your server. Ie, you will be able to make your own github/bitbucket/gitlab analogue on your own server. It’s integrates with Jira.

Also review a nice tool for integration Bitbucket with Jira - Fisheye - Features | Atlassian - it will allow you to view commits, to write reviews on it, to view diffs.

All of these tools cost cheap, all of them also could be used for free, please, don’t be scared with prices.

I am developer with some experience in development and customisation of Atlassian products, described above. I can set-up these products on your servers, can help you with implementation of the dev process by splitting tasks. I am looking for job in EU/US now (ready to work remotely for first time), so if you want, you can hire me. My CV is here .

P. S. I am not affiliated with Atlassian company. I am just a fan and plugin developer of Atlassian products :).

Also, take look at the Kanban boards in JIRA -

And Scrum boards -

All file sharing between artists and programmers could be realised with git via Bitbucket.

Have you solved this question? :slight_smile:

Yeah. I think I solved it. Thanks a bunch!

P.S: Sorry for not replying sooner. I was just a little busy.

Interesting, how you solved it, with what tools, what way? :slight_smile:

Oh I just thought of another system. You helped quite a bit as well with your ideas. I’m curious about JIRA though. I’ll look into that more.