Unreal Engine 4 support for HTML5 has returned! Our team has built a pipeline for deploying to the web with support 4.24 - 4.27 releases of the engine with a suite of tools for optimizing your builds!


Link to games dashboard to try demos: https://dev.theimmersiveweb.com/

Link to our site to sign up for access to our tools and platform: https://theimmersiveweb.com/

Discord community: Wonder

This could be very nice!

The demos leave the screen black for a long time – a loading bar might be nice. Also, any plans on making this available on the Marketplace as a plugin? (Tools and scripts could be included in the plugin directory.)

@jwatte Thanks! And great suggestion, that is something we plan to add.

And yes the goal is to make this accessible as possible to developers using Unreal Engine. We applied for an Epic Megagrant recently but were denied, unfortunately.

We see the web becoming the platform of choice for indie studios, solo developers, enterprises and brands to reach their audience directly online without having to go through walled gardens and forfeit a 30% cut.