Unreal Engine 4 Stuck at 45%

Hi all! I Had this problem before with my Radeon 2400 HD but I just waited an hour and the problem was fixed. I know that this is where the shaders compile and stuff. I recently aquired a Nvidia GT 1030 and got the problem again. I have waited like 2-3 hours and it hasn’t changed at all. I don’t know what to do! Any help will be greatly appreciated.

No I didn’t I only got a new Graphic Card. And I only have a blank project. Let me walk you through what I am doing. I have a shortcut made for the Unreal menu, not an actual project. I double click it to launch it and then it pops up the little grey window that says unreal. So I haven’t started a project. Do I need to reinstall the engine or something?

did you updated to a newer version of engine?
if you change the engine it will re-compile the shaders (which i think is a CPU job and has nothing to do with GPU) and if it is a big project and you have a low performance cpu it will take a lot of time.
check task manager if unreal or unreal shader compile is taking 99% cpu then its compiling just wait until its finished.
if its a small project, maybe cleaning the temp folder or “saved” folder inside your project! ( it may or may not help)

It is probably my CPU which I think has only 2 cores. I also went ahead and verified the engine version. I am just going to leave it running. Thank you so much for your help! :slight_smile: