Unreal Engine 4 - Smart Tile Kit! (Full Blueprint Tutorial!)

The Pilgrimage continues! Let’s make a Smart Tile Kit in Unreal Engine 4! (Full Blueprint Tutorial)


And can this be exported or migrated out into other unreal projects as a mesh once you have built all the
modular rooms with this tile blueprint or is it like the Spline? Because I need to build a sci-fi interior spaceship with 8
decks… But with the spline you can build it up in the editor, but there’s no options on the spline that I can see for exporting or migrating. So with a spline if you try to migrate it, what I suspect it will do is just reset the spline blueprint back to its own
defaults with the spline you start off with and lose all the spline data information that you built it up in the editor and you would have to rebuild all the splines all over again once the blueprint has been put in the other project…

So these kind of tools I see are useful if they can also support export or migration of the finished mesh asset and able to also retain also all the texture information, not like the BSP to Static option which dosen’t always retain all the texture information and you end up with a textureless static mesh, or a static mesh that didn’t convert all its brushes or textures properly and you lose textures off some of its faces.