Unreal Engine 4 Skype Group !

Hey Thère :slight_smile:
My Name Is Zaki ,
I’ve An Idea Why Can’t We Just Mass And Make Group On The Skype!

The Rules Are :
1- The Group Is For Boys And Girls
2- We’ll Talk About Game Design And Programming
3- Talk About Also The Tricks And Some New Option Like Blueprint “Kismet” Before
4- We’ll Help The Beginners :slight_smile:
5- Age Must Be More That 12
6- We Can Help Each Others With Models And Scripts :slight_smile:

My Skype : Tera.Games
The Group Skype : UE4 United

Come On :slight_smile:

there is already a group (here) for pros and soon-to-be-pros.

Add Me :slight_smile:

I will close this thread. As MrMaster said, there is already a skype group :slight_smile: