Unreal Engine 4 Shopping System, Quest System, Skill Tree,


Hi everyone,

I have decided to create couple of systems in a single project and release it to marketplace as I’ve been thinking on it for quite a while to create this project. So now in couple of days I’m going to submit it on marketplace.

**CODED IN: ** Well right now I’m working only with blueprints but if the users require it in C++ as well then I’ll start working on it as soon as I’m done with blueprinting.
**System’s Added: **

  • Quest system

  • Shopping System (Completed)

  • Upgradeable Items (Completed)

  • Weapons Switching

  • Level Up system

  • Damage System (Completed)

  • NPC’s

    • 1: Guard AI: Guards a particular position until hears a sound or have detected player

    • 2: Mob AI

    • 3: Village AI: Working in a day to day duty cycle and runs to guard if attacked by you.

  • Inventory System (Under Construction)

  • Checkpoint System

  • Save/Load Game system

More items are going to be added as soon as I’m done with the remaining