Unreal Engine 4 Scaling

Hey all! I am working on a big project and I need the feel of the enviroment to not feel like a mini place, but rather a huge/infinite landscape. Any ideas as to how I can get a scaling like that or a way for the player to be able to explore the map and not make it look/feel limited and small? Thanks

Essentially you mean building really, really large worlds?
You might want to take a look at Unreal 4s “World Composition”

and Level Streaming

World Composition is a feature where you divide up your large world into smaller (sub)levels and add locations for those in an “empty” level (the so-called persistent level).
While moving around in this persistent level the needed sublevels will be loaded and unloaded depending on your position.

If you don’t understand what i just said, here is an analogy: Imagine a classic jigsaw puzzle. You have a board and tons of small puzzle pieces that all together a part of a big picture.
You have your persistent level (the board) and have your world divided up in smaller maps that you developed separately (your puzzle pieces).
You can place these puzzle pieces (your parts of the world/your maps) anywhere in any combination on the board so it looks good. And when you’re done putting pieces down you can play, walk around and the game will only load the neccessary puzzle pieces (defined by the “layers” and “streaming distance” in the world composition world tool).
Each puzzle piece, if you want, can be a large level, and since you can place many, many puzzle pieces next to eachother = huge world made out of many large levels placed next to eachother.