Unreal engine 4 running external hard-drive issue

Hey guys
I am having problems running unreal engine on my external hard drive the reason I am using external is my college doesn’t have it installed and love to use it in college.

When I run the program getting a message saying code execution can not process XINPUT1_3.dll any way to fix it with out installing anything on the college computers

Do you code in c++?

I’m following the topic, I’ve passed the day trying to move unreal version to external hard drive or at least install the new 4.25 there, without any success. This page is the only clues I’ve found : A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums

I tried it on my laptop with unreal not installed on it only on my external hard drive it installed that works but when I do it in college on a workstation it’s says when I click on it code execution can not process XINPUT1_3.dll

No but willing to learn to fix the issue

Note I had it installed on my external hard drive not on the laptop

No but willing to learn how to do it

herer is a post from https://forums.unrealengine.com/

“They have probably failed to install the prerequisites.
IIRC UE4 uses an older verision of xinput.
Assuming that you packaged your game with “include prerequisites”. The should be an executable within the install folder,
UE4prereqsetup_x64.exe or UE4prereqsetup_x86.exe.”
Maybe it can help you

When I went to the unreal website that where I changed the directory to my external hard drive and started downloading it to my hard drive don’t know why it not working it’s that xpin