Unreal Engine 4: River Tool w/ Terrain Snap

Created a little river tool to help make rivers, Allows you to drag out a river spline that will snap to the master guide spline or to the underlying terrain. Will also create a spline for the river bed that’s depth is configurable as well as a configurable water height. Once you align the path as desired you can select the terrain that will need to conform the river and apply the spline data to it starting with the river guide then the river bed spline. The default settings for the falloff is what I’ve found to be a happy general starter. I hope this helps some. (PSA: This uses the editor apply spline node, to undo changes to terrain you must reload your terrain alpha.)

cool, thanks! not perfect but definitely a good starting point :slight_smile:

This is interesting. Question is, how do I add the texture to the splines? There are currently no textures and no place to put them as far as I can find any way.