Unreal Engine 4 Resource collection (

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been working on an Unreal Engine 4 collection of resources over at

The intention is to keep building the page with new and relevant links for the UE4 community. A cool feature of ZEEF is that you can suggest new links to curators by pressing the “+”-sign on any of the blocks. So if you have an interesting link to share, suggest it!

Currently it features links on learning C++, Blueprint, Plugins by the community and other recommended pages.



WOW. thanks, this is a big help to me.

Nice one, Helps me a lot

This is pretty neat but what does it offer that the Wiki doesn’t already? :S

Great stuff…plenty I didn’t know about…Thanks…

Hey Tom!

This is great! Nice to have a lot of information in one easily accessible place. I’ve bookmarked this for future reference.

Thanks for setting something like this up! :slight_smile:


Hi Tom!

Amazing collection, really useful :slight_smile:


Most helpful!

Great stuff…helped a lot


Not to be a joykill but my avast web shield lights up like a Christmas tree when I open up a single plugin page.

The same applies for me but i think it’s safe to deactivate it for the moment.

Most of those plugin urls link directly back to the unreal engine forums. And all websites under “third party tools & plugins” are well known companies and some are partners with Epic Games. So I have no idea where that warning is coming from to be honest.

Tom - All the clicks redirect to some interstatial “Click to continue” advertisement site before going to the direct links.

Yeah, what avast block is “” it detects it as URL:Malware (lol yeah avast is THAT funny)

OK, thanks for pointing that out! I wasn’t aware they had that kind of ad system in place. Unfortunately that is beyond my control.

Thanks for this!

If you save the html page and take out all the <script> elements, the original URLs are all left intact… using the NoScript browser add-on might fix it too.

I talked with one of the guys at ZEEF and they notified me that the Avast issues should now be resolved.

Yay! it’s working correctly for me now
Thanks! :smiley:

Very cool , maybe add a no free ressource ? Like , i don’t know : DT , 3Dnice ,Eat3D etc…
Thank you for sharing

Hi Chris, I have a couple of paid tutorials sites on the backlog that I’ll add soon (incl. eat3d, digitaltutors etc.) Ofc. you can always suggest links on the page itself using the + symbol.