Unreal Engine 4 Refuses To Download, Error Code 5

I am unable to install UE4.9.2, or any earlier version of the UE4 engine. Download was fine for the first 10% or so of the initial attempt, approx 0.7-0.8GB, after which the launcher promptly froze, requiring a force close with Task Manager and an uninstall-reinstall of the incomplete download. It’s been giving me a Code 5 error about being unable to obtain installation information ever since and refuses to even try installing at this point. Windows 7 Pro SP1 , purchased and setup less than a week ago, so it is unlikely to be an issue with other installed software or the machine/OS itself. Could possibly be interference from my ISP as they are rather shady but sadly the only option, and have interfered with client software connectivity such as Steam and Skype before (Hughesnet for those interested). I have attempted to fix the issue by uninstalling the Epic Games Launcher itself and reinstalling it, but this appears to change nothing, further implying it is likely an issue with connectivity (either my ISP or an issue with the download process on Epic’s end).

Any advice on the source of the issue, and possible courses of action that I can take to fix it, are welcome.

Hi Itsapainfulworld

Try the troubleshooting steps in this section of the troubleshooting guide.

If nothing works, follow the steps here to generate you Debug Logs. Post them here, along with your Dxdiag (system specs).

As far as I am aware, I may be under a proxy at the ISP level, however it is not something I can confirm for myself nor prove. My ISP is fairly shady, taking advantage of the remoteness of it’s customers and the complete lack of competition, and at least one website has blocked my attempt to register at their forums, citing that proxied connections are not allowed. Should this be the case, it is sadly something I have no power to change save moving living locations.

I have added epicgames.com to my anti-virus’s domain exception list, and the Epic Games Launcher to it’s process exception list, just in case. I have also set the preferred DNS servers for my machine to OpenDNS. Despite this, the issue remains unchanged, so I’m posting my DxDiag as requested.


Could you please post your debug logs as well? Instructions can be found here.

Also, based on your DXDiag, it appears that your system does not meet the minimum specs (here). Your integrated video card does not support DX11. Is there a discreet GPU installed on your system that is not showing in your DXDiag?


Using a seperate Dropbox folder as while I have 7Zip to open and extract zipped folders, it doesn’t appear to be able to create or alter them for some reason, and the only software I personally can remember that does is WinRAR, which requires payment to use.

You are correct, at this moment I am relying on the integrated graphics (Intel HD Graphics 2000) due to it being a new desktop that did not come with a GPU Card. I’m currently in the process of getting a dedicated AMD/ATI card as well as a better PSU. I was under the assumption that I could install UE4 in the mean time while I finalize the order and then install the hardware once it arrives. I take it this is not possible?

Hi itsapainfulworld,

Unfortunately you will need to have a Directx 11 compatible card in order to install and run the Launcher or the editor.

Here is what we recommend:

  • Desktop PC with Windows 7 64-bit or a Mac with Mac OS X 10.9.2 or later

  • 8 GB RAM

  • Quad-core Intel or AMD processor

  • DX11 compatible video card

Once you get your new card installed, if the issue persists, post back here to let us know.