Unreal Engine 4 Programmer

Hello I’am a french developer i got something about 1 year of experience of unreal engine 4 i master all the engine from animation(blueprint,blendspace etc…) to complexe AI( with behavior tree,pathfinding etc…) so I can make any kind of blueprint including construction blueprint for level designer etc… I’m also able to work with VR device . Here you can see my work :

This one is all made by myself including assets :

Small android game :

I’m an experienced programmer too i got more than 6 years of experience of programming in C/C++
and 3 years in java specialy for android device.

I have an HTC vive and oculus DK2.
Here a link of my last job <- adult content ( communication with shop and unreal engine application in VR) with flex integration fluids / soft body / hair works I also have experience with Nvidia VxGi

here my portfolio

Best regards !

Contact me on skype @dundiddy2197

I’d like to get into contact with you about a game. I am a 3d artist.

add me on skype: Glitch King (Mr Burns Display Picture)

I’m warning you guys this man is a fraud.