Unreal engine 4 or 5

Hello Everyone at this time am learning C++ to make games in UNREAL ENGINE my Question is (Should i wait until UNREAL ENGINE 5 release or Start Now ? and if i Start making my game now in ue4 can i continue in ue5 because am afraid when ue5 release it well have bugs and issues.

hey there, epic said that your ue4 projects can be openend with UE5 .
but as always it may requires some adjustement while doing this.
but i think that if you want to learn, start now, don t need to wait for a new version as it will be the same logic.

This ^^^ but also:

when ue5 release it well have bugs and

UE4 has a cr@pton of bugs and issues, too.

Thank you for info me i really appreciate that

you should start now ! never wait for something or someone else!