Unreal Engine 4 on Linux

will Unreal Engine 4 ever work on Linux?
It really sucks if you are forced to use a OS that you hate…
Windows10 is just annoying, games are minimalizing themselves for no reason, bugs, games have blackscreens etc.
To be serious, as a internet User i feel more like a product not like a user or human here. UE4 is awesome and gave me the chance to start creating my game that i always wanted to create without spending Years on learning C++.

Microsoft is now afraid of many things, like AMD Vulkan and Linux, because Microsoft, Nvidia is used to controll everything… so yeah…

So, will UE4 come on Linux in near future? (1- max 5years)

It is already available on Linux, and has been since the very early days of UE4!

Here’s the documentation so you can get up and running:

LOL. At the end, they all are sellouts