Unreal Engine 4 Mod Support?

How would I add mod support to a UE4 game? Stuff like custom levels, models, textures, and etc. And stuff like external code and scripting.

As far as I read it before you can add mod support, but you can’t bundle any UE4-Tools. You can add your own editor or API to handle custom models, levels etc., or you can only let people change your game as long as they have their own UE4-Licence.

I’m not very sure about the specifics and someone correct me if I’m wrong.

We had a thread about that topic before:

I think you’re a spot on. They have to have a ue4 license, or you have to provide them with your own custom built mod tool. You can’t include the editor with your game, as LAn mentioned.

You can’t make any part of the engine available, so currently if people want to mod for your game they have to subscribe to UE4 to get access, alternately you could make your own tool, though depending on what you want to do that might not be an option.