Unreal Engine 4 Linux stability & where/ how do I download latest build?

I run Linux Mint and I don’t dual boot with any other operating system. I’m deciding between the Unity 3d or Unreal Engine 4 (linux builds) and wanting to know if either allow to develop and compile a playable game at this point. In other words, can I build a game strictly in Linux without having to resort to a Windows or OSX environment? How stable is UE4 in linux? Does it include all the features in the PC/ Mac versions? What is the latest build for linux and where/ how do I download?

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You can, but you have to download the Linux source and compile the editor on your machine, there isn’t a launcher available for Linux yet where you would download the editor.

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Paste the link to download the source, please

6 years later… Still no download prebuilded version EVEN for popular Ubuntu
Even on format Appimage available on many platforms.