Unreal Engine 4 Keypad System Development?

So I am wanting to build a keypad system (nothing incredible just a simple 4 digit code input)

So i have been looking around and I haven’t really found anything useful (there are some tutriols but they use images and line tracing etc)

Heres what I am trying to build

A simple UMG Widget (with 0 to 9 (Buttons) an enter and clear button)

If there user, enters the right 4 digit code it plays a matinee (which in this case will open a door)

Heres What I can do so far

I can play a matinee from inside a widget

Heres What I need help with

I need some help with the widget setup (not to familar with all the inputs etc)

And setting up the correct code input

Any help you can provide would be great

So I have been working on the system and have been able to develop the following

The first image shows the numbers begin assigned on button click

The second shows how they are then tested to check if they are the write code etc

But the problem I am having is say I have a code that is 5432

regardless of which order the user presses the string will always be 2345

Any idea’s how I can fix that ?

Key Values picture is the issue. V1B1 is always setting the D1 String. You need to add logic so no matter what button is pressed it is uses the next available unused string.

For example whatever button you click first should be setting D1 string then the second button you click on sets the D2 string…

Again, Im not to sure how to do what u suggested ? can u provide a more detailed breakdown ?