Unreal Engine 4 - Invalid Drive

I had Unreal Engine 4 for a little while and it was installed on a second drive but that hard drive died and now i’m trying to reinstall the engine to play UT. The problem is that i run the installer and then it comes up with Invalid Drive with the drive path (which was x:\ because i thought it was cool) and now i can’t install it and the odd thing is it’s still on my program list to attempt to uninstall it but same thing happens.

I’ve tried getting rid of all the install data that i could find on the c drive but it still doesn’t work. Any advice?


Hi Fullmetalgaz,

Try to generate the log files explained under the ‘Unable to install the Launcher’ section in the link below. Post them here when you are done.

Hi Fullmetalgaz,

Microsoft has a tool available for this very situation.

If this does not resolve your issue, please reply back and let us know!

Hey there Pete and TJ, I’m going to try these out and report back!

Thanks for the quick response!