Unreal Engine 4 Intro Movie

Hello Guys,
Can someone tell me how to Render a Video for a “Startup” Intro Movie for Unreal Engine 4?.

Thanks so far.
Greez DarkSoe

Thats not what i looking for.
I’m want to know how to Render the UE4 “Startup Video” for run in the Engine.

Like this from EA Youtube Playing on Game Startup.


In your project settings you will have to add a startup movie -> project settings - movies :slight_smile:

i know, but the movie i added dont play, think the file form is wrong.
mp4 60fps fullHD (1920x1080)

-encoded in h.264
-enable “wait for movies to complete”
-what happens when you render it in 720p? :slight_smile:

It works now.
Rendered :mp4, 24fps, 720p, h264

h264 and mp4 it was already last try. so UE4 dont can play fullHD or 60fps ?

I dont know if this is a bug, but since 4.5 it just wants to play 720p videos as a startup movie -> I think ingame you can play HD videos (media framework)

Okay, good to know.