Unreal engine 4 how to add aura like in the darkness 2 for my character?

unreal engine 4 how to add aura for my character, like in Castlevania 2 lords of shadows, or the darkness 1/2 games ??? please be detailed and show pictures. iam a noobie. But iam dedicated to learning. Here is some pics of what iam talking about to.

://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/yakuza-mob-roleplay/images/6/63/4ZQz2q9.png/revision/latest?cb=20140215230124 the mist and flames around the sword.

?v=Qy1M-34Bv2s @ 2:09 and 2:12 and 2:13 around the dragon’s body. The mist looking Aura stuff.

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please let me know on here soon as possible.

Also does anyone know how to cut off limps like in this video here ?v=V2JdIeAGyPM at 4:51 to 4:54 ??? I was thinking, Animations of body limb coming off, and use animation BP, link to sword hitting limp and time with animation.

You could do it with particles (e.g take a look at the fire particle from the starter content -> just delete the heat distortion + the sparks and change the texture) or do it with planes and an animated material (so you just move the texture on your mesh with a panner node) -> the particle way will look much better :slight_smile:

thank you, this is what i got 94ca4b84256cf700c1db57df281ad2ba1bab2c4f.jpeg