Unreal Engine 4 (How Can I Rewind Time)

Hello guys,
I am currently working on a game that involves the player to rewind time, solving daily life problems, and trying to fix points in time in someone else’s or your life. The problem I am having while working on my game is that the character can’t rewind time. I made something similar to it but it was a instant fail. I watched a ton of videos on “YouTube” and assume that I may have missed something important because I can’t find anything what I am looking for. I am looking for an effect that is similar to the rewind power in the game “Life Is Strange.” I truly need your guy’s help. I look for your guidance and truly thank you

There’s a lot of ways you can do this, none of them easy. It really depends on how you want it done

But you want some kind of method of storing the players location, and either making that into a vector or a spline.

So you’d start by making an array of transforms for the actor, and every N seconds (or tick if it runs ok) you save your location. Purge anything larger than X, where X is the amount of time it should record.

Then either make a split from that data and run the character along the spline, or interp the character along the transform points. Which you can do in a few ways. Depends how nice you want it to look, if it’s FPS / third person, etc.

That’s how I’d try going about doing it anyway. There’s probably better ways