Unreal engine 4 games, i see red, green and sometimes blue fuzzy lines


Like the title says I see green ,blue,red lines with g synch and fullscreen enabled.It occurs only in games with unreal engine 4 such as pubg,fortnite ,hellblade etc.

My Laptop is a clevo p775dm3-g with a nvida gtx1080 and the lcd panel is LG Philips LP173WF4-SPF1.It happens with all nvidia drivers from this year.

Is there any fix yet beside windowed mode or gsynch off? i tried to roll back the drivers with a clean ddu ,nothing helps.

Ps:Can maybe somebody reproduce the same artifacts with an identical rig ?it is mostly visible in the mainmenu and in the sky . There is no possibility to screenshot them .The imagefile is captured from phone from an another thread.

If you take a screen shot and look at the image on another display, do the same artifacts still exist? If they only exist on that display, it’s an issue related to the monitor or the display settings on that computer.

Like ZacD said, it could be something with the display. Is there a way you can connect a different monitor to your current rig to test and see if that is the case?

hi,thank you for your reply.

in the meantime ,i found out it is a driver issue.Because with the first released vga driver from clevos homepage version 368.83,the rainbow lines are gone with gsynch and fullscreen.There are specific versions for alienware and msi ,too and they work flawless.We tested it in an another forum with other users with the same problem on laptops like alienware and msi with the same gsynch lcd panel .But the problem is, this drivers are 15 months old.

There must be a connection with the engine itself ,the lcdpanel and the official new nvidia drivers .

I am getting this exact same problem…I’ve only started seeing this fairly recently (last few months)…I want to think this started happening around the time of the all those windows updates.

I get this issue in PUBG, sea of thieves, astroneer, and other games.

I’ve playing with and without gsync.
if I remember correctly i have dual 960 or 980 mobile nivdia cards. I don’t have my laptop with me right now.
but i’ll post better specs later on. When I play astroneer…the lines get REALLY ugly when the dust storm arrives.

in sea of thieves, it is very visible during sunset and sunrise.

I haven’t tried windows mode yet…i hear that solved the problem for someone else. Going to try it tonight.

going to google a list of games running unreal engine and see what I’ve got and if they all do that.