Unreal Engine 4 games/editor do not open anymore after W10 update

Since a Windows 10 update about a year or so ago, maybe last october every single Unreal Engine 4 game AND the editor/engine itself have stopped working. At first even the epic games launcher itself stopped opening at all but another windows 10 update fixed it. You see, every time I launch an UE4 game/app the process just hangs in the background forever, using minimal ram. Nothing pops out, nothing. It is a behavior that all applications that use the Chromium Embedded Framework share (Update messed with the Steam client’s browser too, making it unable to load anything but the library/friendlist, the only things that are not web pages), the Minecraft Java Edition Launcher (works after deleting CEF files before starting it, have to repeat the process each time) and now even Ableton Live 10.
A reinstall of Windows is out of the question for me and I can’t roll back. Any suggestions